Born To Ride Feature

Exciting news!

Susan Hurst of Born To Ride Magazine did a full page article on my quilts!

You can read the article and see the pictures here: and using the small arrows on the right, go to pages 58-59 to view the story.

Special thanks to Susan Hurst and Born to Ride Magazine.

The holidays are almost here – make sure to Contact Me with your order!

Karen’s Yoga Studio

I created a quilt for Karen for her Yoga Studio. Her beautiful collection of t-shirts were from her passion with yoga, fitness, wellness, etc.   I am including a detail photo of the back as well because it was not only fun, but also beautiful to trace the yoga people on many of her shirts.

I would love to take your t-shirt collection and make a custom quilt for you, and remember – the holidays are right around the corner and my quilts make very special gifts that are treasured for generations…

Contact Me for information on how we can get started.


Ian’s Graduation Quilt

Here is another quilt I recently made…

I would love to make YOUR quilt.

Remember that these quilts are each unique and custom made from your special collection of t-shirts. Preserve your memories and record time in a unique and heartwarming way!

Contact Me so we can get started!


Lisa’s Girly Quilt

Here is another quilt I recently made…

I would love to make a quilt of your favorite t-shirts for your loved ones too!

Contact Me so we can get started!

Custom Quilts for Christmas Make the Best Gifts!

Remember that uou can also buy a gift certificate to give to someone for Christmas. That way they can pick out which T-shirts they would like to use in their Custom T-shirt Quilt.

Just let me know and we will get it for you.

Thank you,

Cheri Samon

Free Motion Long Arm Quilting

I wanted to tell you all that I also do free motion long arm quilting. I have been quilting for over 15 years in my quilting shop, The Quilting Bee. I love doing free motion quilting. You can just send me your quilt top, batting and backing. I also carry both batting and backs so you do not have to mail. We can talk and you can tell me exactly what you want quilted on your quilt.

There are many examples on this web site of my quilting.

Please contact me at [email protected] for more information.

Thank you, Cheri

Cattleman’s Cancer Camp Raffle Quilt

The kids make these photo’s at camp and then they bring the pictures to me and I make the quilt for them to auction off at the Cattleman’s Ball in Tampa. I have done this for the last four years. Love their art.

Ordering a quilt for your organization or foundation and then using it in a raffle or auction is an excellent way to raise funds for your non-profit and I love to do this work.

Contact me for more info!

St. Petersburg Women’s Basketball Coach’s Quilt

The Women all signed T-shirts and I made the coach this quilt.

This was a fun project and will provide a “thank you” keepsake that I know the coach will treasure for years and years to come.

I’d love to discuss YOUR quilt…  Contact Me!

Sam’s Graduation Quilt

Sam’s graduation quilt.

Love this –  it’s a boy T-shirt collection from over the years and it even includes his baby socks! What a story of Sam’s life.

Can you imagine… they even used the  shirt that the hospital gave him when he was born and some of his favorite dinosaurs. Priceless and so precious!

I would love to capture your family’s memories and special moments!

Contact Me with your ideas and let’s make memories that will last a lifetime!

Little Girl’s Quilt

Love the baby outfit. I sewed the little tutu skirt into the quilt and the baby pictures in this one.

She loved it!

She is the littlest girl in the picture on the top of the quilt.

I would love to make a quilt for your child!

Contact Me and Let’s get creative!

North Carolina Girls’ Quilts

Two different quilts for two awesome gals, Jennifer and Kris.

These were so fun to make, I just know they came infused with the girls’ college spirit.

To see more photos, visit our Facebook Page

To have me create an awesome quilt for you – Contact Me!


I will be a vender at Biketoberfest at the Daytona speedway. Stop by the booth and say Hi.  Hope to see all of you over there.  October 13-16th. Can not wait it is going to be a blast.  See you soon.  Cheri- Custom T-shirt Quilt Company.

Bike Night Excitement




Bike Night In Bradenton

Come out and join us June 9th at 6pm at the Bike Night in Bradenton. Taking place at Big Dog Tampa,  Tommy Knockers Bike Night – is the place to be! We will be there with our quilts, so stop by and say “hello!

Address:  Big Dog Tampa, 5627 14th Street West,  Bradenton, FL 34207